Making Your Dog Return Every Time

Howdy, dog enthusiasts! Patty here, your favorite Intuitive Dog Coach.

Today, we're going to tackle a challenge that's as old as fetch: getting your dog to return to you when called.

🐾🐾🤠The Recall Rodeo

Recall, or as I like to call it, the "doggie boomerang," is one of the most important tricks in the book.

It's not just about saving your voice—it's about keeping your furry friend safe.

A strong recall can prevent your dog from chasing that squirrel into the street.

🐾🐾Treats, Toys, and Tons of Praise

The secret to a successful recall is making it the best part of your dog's day.

Start in a quiet, distraction-free zone.

Call your dog's name followed by the command "come or here."

When your dog comes to you, throw a party! Treats, toys, belly rubs—the works.

 This helps your dog associate the command with a doggie jackpot.

🐾🐾🐿Distractions: Level Up

Once your dog has mastered recall in a quiet environment, it's time to level up.

Start introducing distractions.

Maybe it's a squeaky toy, maybe it's your cat doing its best impression of a squirrel.

 Gradually increase the level of distraction as your dog gets better at the recall.

🐾🐾Chase: Who is Chasing Whom?

One additional little funny bone 🦴piece to share. 

Teaching recall, (come, or here); you should never try to wrangle your pooch in by chasing them. 

If you are stuck and you feel chasing is your only option, turn and run the other way, make them freak out and wonder "WTH" is my human doing?

Don’t forget to look back to make sure your furry friend is now chasing you! 😉

🐾🐾Bonus Tip: Use an extra long, 25ft lead!

If your furry buddy goes dashing off, and you need to rein them in, then this trick will pay off huge dividends.

In conclusion, getting your dog to return to you is all about making it a rewarding experience for them. So, keep practicing, keep rewarding, and soon enough, your dog will be returning to you faster than you can say "fetch!"

Remember, building harmonious bonds, one dog at a time.

Until next time, happy dog parenting!

Your Intuitive Dog Coach