As we move into the seasons shifting from hot to perhaps rainy, muggy, and then into Fall; bugs start making their way into our Dogs' lives more so than before.

We probably have become complacent with dealing with pests!

However, now is the perfect time to get into a routine and an awareness of those tiny little critters wreaking havoc with our lives and the lives of our precious puppy dogs.

I prefer to share with my clients less expensive and more holistic ways of treating, preventing, and sometimes battling those pesky blood-sucking bugs!! (Some flies do that as well!).

But before taking a knee-jerk action, please do a little research.

I always suggest you check in with your vet, however, they do tend to recommend what they sell in their clinics. So do your own research on what they recommend as well.

Increasing the life of your dog should be at the forefront of your mind when you research all the chemicals that are in topical and oral types of fleas/ticks’ remedies. This includes anything you put on your lawn where your puppy dogs run, play, and nap outside.

Know that so many folks, vets, and dog trainers all have various recommendations, and of course, this includes me.Go with what your own intuition tells you.

However, in the past, I have done a massive amount of research on this subject around chemicals used in many products that provide an easy way to treat these nasty pests, not just for myself but for my clients.

Some chemicals shorten lives. I think we can all agree on that.

But what can we do as humans is to make better choices quickly when we see the first signs of fleas, ticks & flies.

Two products I use with my two puppy dogs are:

1.  FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth - 100% Organic Natural Powder which is safe around adults, children, and Dogs.


2. A product called Wondercide (don’t let ‘cide scare you).

Let’s talk about Diatomaceous Earth first.

1. You can purchase on Amazon, local feed stores, etc. Make sure it is the Food Grade.

2. Dispense on your lawn as you would a fertilizer, but not with a fertilizer spreader. A handheld fine mesh strainer works great. You want a powdered sugar dusting on your lawn or even much less.

See Here

3. Keep your pets off the lawn for at least an hour or two, if possible, as the fine dust can be inhaled which is not good for your dogs. It’s not dangerous, but I don’t recommend it. Also, make sure there are not any clumps of DE for your dogs to sniff at. Basically, it is odorless, but if dogs “see” something they have to sniff it!! 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️🐶

4. This helps with any fleas, ticks, and flies that have already infested your lawn and will help keep them from bothering your puppy dogs.

Now let's talk about Wondercide,

1. Again you can purchase on Amazon.

2. Read the instructions before use. Diffidently test on your puppy dog's belly in a small patch to make sure there is no allergic reaction.

3. Please use as directed!! I am not responsible for any misuse!

4. If you go out for a run in the country, this is where Wondercide comes in handy. It is a topical spray that you can apply to your pups’ bellies, legs, and tails, if they are a longer coat dog add to that longer fur. Remember to test first! (#2).

5. If you have a puppy dog like mine that does not like any “spray bottles” to get near her, I apply the Wondercide to a cloth and apply it that way. Easy Peasy!

How to Use Wondercide

And my #1, Top of the List 

(posted here at the end so you would remember),

Most Important; is to check your dog's body for any signs of fleas and ticks. They get between the toes, in the ears, soft moist parts of your puppy dog’s body. Check the belly for any signs. Yes, it is harder to spot them on a black dog but check their belly and under their armpits where there is less fur.

Have a safe, pest-free remainder of your summer, and “fly” into fall with a puppy dog that is not bringing along any unwanted guests!


Your Intuitive Dog Coach