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🐾🐾Time Away

If you're one of the lucky ones who only disappears into the work abyss for 8 hours, your potty-trained, crate-trained canine companion will likely spend the day snoozing in their crate, dreaming of your glorious return.

The key here is to whisk them outside faster than a magician's trick as soon as you get home—to prevent any "abracadabra" surprises on your carpet.

🚪🚪Partition Training

Now, if you're ambitious enough to let your puppy have the run of the house, you've hopefully mastered the art of Partition Training.

It's like setting up levels in a video game; each day, your puppy unlocks a new area.

Just remember, this isn't just about expanding their kingdom—it's about keeping them from turning your living room into a scene from a puppy version of "Home Alone."

🐶🐶As you gradually introduce your puppy to more areas, you might feel tempted to let them roam free through the entire house.

I'd advise caution unless you want to come home to a living room that looks like a doggy disco happened in your absence.

Once you've got Partition Training down, make sure to close off the VIP sections of your house during your "going to work" training sessions.

Trust me, it's better to be safe than to come home to a fluffy little DJ who's learned how to turn on your stereo.

🐕🐕Subscribe to Streaming Services for Dogs

Just imagine a Netflix, but for dogs, like It's the kind of binge-watching that keeps tails wagging. (I am not affiliated with DogTV in any form or fashion so make sure you do your due diligence before subscribing).

📺☎️Install a Treat Dispenser with Video Call Capabilities

Nothing says "I love you" like a treat popping out of a machine after a heartfelt video call.

"Did you miss me? Here's a treat!"

It's like FaceTime, but way more rewarding.

🐷🐮🐔Create a Playlist of Squeaky Toy Hits

Record the sound of their favorite squeaky toys and play them on a loop. It's the canine version of top 40 hits.

Who knows, your pup might just have a future as a DJ—DJ Paws sounds about right

🐶🐕Set Up a Puppy Playdate Swap

Team up with fellow pet parents for puppy playdates.

It's like a babysitting co-op, but furrier.

You swap on your days off!

Think of it as social networking for dogs. #PuppyPlaydate

🔷🔳Invest in Puzzle Toys

Keep their brain engaged with puzzle toys that reward them with treats.

It's the dog version of Sudoku, but tastier.

Plus, watching them solve puzzles is more entertaining than most reality TV shows.

This may be perfect for a “wind-down time” when you get home and your puppy dog is bouncing off the walls, so happy to see you!

🐩🐕Hire a Canine Interior Designer

Redesign your home with an indoor agility course.

Your dog can practice for the next "America's Top Dog" competition.

Who needs furniture when you have hurdles and tunnels? 🤣🐕

🐾🐾Enroll Them in Online Classes, aka “Doggie Day Care”

There's a Doggie Day Care for every puppy dog.

It's about time your dog started building their resume. 🐶😉

(disclaimer: make sure you research and check reviews before introducing your puppy dog. Don’t forget to do trial runs at the new Day Care for short periods of time to improve socialization before leaving them for extended periods of time).

📸Get a Pet Cam

Not just any pet cam, one where they can see you too, plus, even better if you can find one that lets you launch treats across the room!

Work breaks have never been more fun.

"Ready, aim, snack!"

Remember, the goal is to make your time away as stress-free as possible—for both you and your puppy.

With a little creativity and a sense of humor, you can ensure your puppy's day is filled with fun, even when you're not there to share it with them.

And who knows? They might just start looking forward to their alone time. 🐶

Reach out for a chat if you have any questions or concerns about the process. 

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