Why They are Gold Medals 🥇 in Dog Training!

Hello dog enthusiasts and Star Wars fans alike (I bet your dog loves to reenact that AT-AT takedown scene from 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back' too!). It's your friendly professional dog trainer Patty Peery, and as steadfast as a Jedi’s loyalty to the force, here to shine some light on two pivotal elements often overlooked in dog training – consistency and repetition.

Picture this – dogs are incredible creatures, their loyalty unmatched, intelligence remarkable, and their ability to consume an entire steak in one gulp equally tragic and impressive.

Maybe they're just aspiring to be like Luke Skywalker.

However, what sweetens this curious cocktail of canine characteristics more, is effective and harmonious training. 

Now let's tackle the mutt monster under the bed - consistency.

In the dog training universe, this isn't about serving the same brand of kibble at each meal. Rather it means having an unwavering approach to commands, responses, and expectations. Why so? Well, despite their groundbreakingly fast food-snatching skills, dogs aren’t particularly capable of deciphering nuanced instructions. So if we remain iron-clad consistent with our cues or rules, our little Einstein hounds stand a better chance of becoming a 'good boy' or 'good girl'. Imagine trying to teach your dog not to transform into a Space-X rocket whenever people come over. Read more here… (link to article) Or if you are not “One with the Dog Force” reach out now for a free discovery call!

But here's the twist - you show a poker face sometimes, unleash your vocal fury other times, and then occasionally applaud it while it's defying gravity.It's a full house of inconsistency that can leave your pup more confused than a chameleon in a packet of Skittles. 

 As for our second champ - repetition, 

This mighty contender ensures those sit, stay, and fetch moves become as reflexive for your dog as rooting for Luke Skywalker in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader.

 And just like all Star Wars fans, we don’t stop cheering after one battle; training your dog doesn't stop after one correct response.

Behold the beauty where our two titans - consistency and repetition collide. 

This dynamic duo aids in etching those behavioral rules deep into your dog's HQ (a.k.a. their fluffy head).

Voila! You have a superstar dog that promptly salutes your every command.

Just like us, mastering the controls on our new smartphone or finally understanding why 'The Last Jedi' had mixed reviews, our adorable woof-woof companions too need steady inputs and tons of practice to nail that textbook 'sit'.

Ultimately, training our dogs becomes a magical dance of the universal consciousness - where consistency, repetition, and the occasional stolen slice of pizza come together to shape both us and our pets for the better.

So folks, as you navigate this wild and wacky highway of dog training, remember this - repetition is not a sign of a broken record, but your golden ticket to a well-behaved pooch! In the inherent words of Neil Armstrong, ‘One small step for man (or woman), one giant leap towards poop-free carpets!’

With coupled consistency and repetition, you’re ready to conquer the canine cosmos. Keep calm and train on!

And if you're feeling like a pug trying to run a marathon, no worries! I am here.

Because at the end of the day, what matters to me most is you, your dog, harmonious homes, and yes, an occasional well-deserved nap!

Happy dog training, everybody! 

Your Intuitive Dog Coach