6 Easy Steps

Have you struggled with your puppy dog acting like a complete fool when family and friends come over and are greeted at the door?

All the hyper, jumping craziness is so overwhelming.

Fear not, I am here to calm your nerves and get you on the path of calm greetings!

Training a puppy to greet friends and family politely is no small feat.

It's akin to teaching a toddler that the world doesn't revolve around them—a challenging but not impossible task.

So, buckle up as we embark on this hilarious journey of manners, mayhem, and puppy dog eyes.

🐾🐾 Step 1: Understand the Beast

First things first, understand that your puppy is a bundle of energy, curiosity, and, let's face it, a bit of a drama queen.

🤣 They're like that one friend who hasn't quite grasped the concept of personal space.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to channel that energy into something less resembling a whirlwind and more a gentle breeze.

🐶🐾Step 2: The Art of Sitting

Before your puppy can learn to greet politely, they must master the art of sitting.

This is the foundation of all polite greetings.

Begin by holding a treat above their nose and slowly moving it over their head.

As their eyes follow the treat, their bottom should naturally lower to the ground.

Once they're sitting, say "sit" and give them the treat.

Repeat until your puppy thinks "sit" is the magic word for food.

🐕🐾 Step 3: The No-Jump Greeting

Puppies love to jump.

It's their way of saying, "I love you so much I must catapult my body at you."

While endearing, it's not exactly polite.

To curb this enthusiasm, keep your greetings low-key.

If your puppy jumps up, turn your back and ignore them until they calm down.

Once all four paws are on the ground, shower them with praise and treats.

 It's like negotiating with a very furry, very excitable little diplomat.

Share this trick with friends and family as well.

Help them feel like they are part of this awesome training process.

🐾🐾 Step 4: The Polite Sniff

Dogs greet each other by sniffing, which is perfectly acceptable in the canine world but might not be appreciated by all your human guests.

 Teach your puppy the "gentle" or “easy” command.

Let them approach a friend or family member, and if they start to get too boisterous, gently pull them back and say "gentle” or “easy”.

Reward them when they approach calmly.

It's all about finding that balance between curiosity and manners.

🐶🐶Step 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Like any good skill, polite greetings require practice.

Enlist the help of friends and family who won't mind being greeted by an overly enthusiastic furball.

The more your puppy practices, the better they'll get.

Think of it as social training for the puppy Oscars. 🏆

🐕🐕 Step 6: Celebrate the Wins

Every time your puppy greets someone politely, throw a mini-celebration.

 🎉🎊 Treats, praise, a little dance 💃🕺 🐕—whatever gets the message across that they've done something great.

Positive reinforcement is key.

Your puppy will start to associate polite greetings with good things, like a Pavlovian response but with more tail wagging.

🐾🐾 Conclusion

Training your puppy to greet friends and family politely is a journey filled with laughter, a few mishaps, and lots of treats.

Remember, patience is your best friend (next to your puppy, of course).

 Celebrate the small victories, and don't sweat the setbacks.

Before you know it, your puppy will be the epitome of politeness, impressing your guests with their impeccable manners.

And if all else fails, just remember: puppy dog eyes 👀 can melt even the coldest of hearts.❤️

If you are still struggling with “greetings”, schedule a quick call with me so we can get you on the right track to success!

Happy Training!

Your Intuitive Dog Coach