What Your Dog Really Hears When You're Chattering Away

Howdy, dog devotees!

Patty here, your favorite Intuitive Dog Coach.

Today, we're going to chew on a question that's as intriguing as a new squeaky toy:

What in the doggone world does your pooch hear when you're yapping away?

🐾🐾Tone is Top Dog
First things first, dogs are like tone detectives.

When you're cooing at them in that voice that sounds like you've inhaled helium, they're all ears. They link your high-pitched, over-the-top excitement with all the good stuff - treats, walks, belly rubs, the works.

But when your voice drops lower than a bass guitar, they know they might be in for a ruff time (pun absolutely intended). 

🐾🐾Words? Who Needs 'Em?
Sure, dogs can learn to connect certain words with actions or objects (like "sit," "stay," or "squirrel!"). But let's be real, they're not hanging onto your every word like it's a juicy steak.

They're more about the vibes you're giving off with your body language and tone.

So, next time you're having a heart-to-heart with your furry friend, remember they're reading more than just your words - they're tuning into your whole performance.

🐾🐾Consistency: The Secret Sauce
Consistency in your commands is as important as the secret sauce on a burger. (we have talked about this one before!)

If you use the same words and tone for a specific command, your dog will learn to associate that sound with the action.

For example, if you say "sit" in a calm, firm tone every time you want your dog to sit, they'll eventually understand that "sit" doesn't mean "chase your tail."

🐾🐾The Feels Factor
Dogs are like furry, four-legged emotion antennas.

When you're on cloud nine, they're wagging their tail off.

When you're down in the dumps, they're the first to nuzzle up and offer some comfort. 

So, when you're chatting away to your dog, they're not just hearing your words—they're picking up on your emotional broadcast and responding in kind.

🐾🐾The Bonding Broadcast
Talking to your dog isn't just about giving commands or sharing your deepest, darkest secrets (they're great at keeping those, by the way). It's about spending quality time together and strengthening your bond.

This interaction helps your dog feel loved and secure, and it can also improve their behavior and training, but make sure you keep the chitter-chatter to a minimum when you are training.

So, next time you're having a chinwag with your canine companion, remember they're picking up a lot more than just your words. They're tuning into your tone, reading your body language, sensing your emotions, and feeling the love.

So keep the conversation short—it's all part of the special bond you share. Remember, we're building harmonious bonds, one dog at a time.

Until next time, keep those tails wagging! 🐕

Patty Peery
Your Intuitive Dog Coach.