Hey folks, Patty here...

Over the last 50+ years, I have helped countless people all over the world on topics ranging from improving potty training tactics, and bad behaviors, to facing fears of bringing a new puppy into the home for the first time. Sharing personal development with folks, and showing them how that can help their relationship with their puppy dog to build a stronger foundation of dog ownership and responsibility has made my life so fulfilled.

However, the common denominator has always been the desire to help folks have a more authentic connection with their dog by utilizing their own innate intuition.

Through all this, and my own deep dives into universal consciousness, pineal gland training, personal development, present moment thought, and stillness training, I have developed some effective techniques which help humans find a harmonious connection with their dogs.

I am always working to improve myself by immersing myself in Innate Abilities Training, by the amazing Jennifer Hough of The Wide Awakening, also, her Get Out of Your Own Way ™ course which proved to be so invaluable to my education along this journey. In addition, to learning dog training from some amazing dog trainers, professionals, and “armchair quarterbacks.” I take what works for me and I leave the rest.

How it all began...

I have always been a huge animal lover, and it all began with Tinker Bell when I was six years old…

One day she became curious as to what was on top of the drapes and she got stuck, and her way down was attaching her claws to the drapes and sliding down. My parents felt she was an evil cat because she shredded the drapes. But I knew why she did what she did. Not long after that, Tinker Bell was no longer a part of our family. Sad day.

Back then, I was not aware that I was able to understand what and why animals do what they do, I just knew I had a skill...

“I was in a place where the eye can not see.” - Avatar

Life took a twisty turn (doesn’t it always?!), and I put aside the wonderful world of animals, that connection and inevitability traded it for the work. That life took me on many adventures, but animals continued to be part of my life, just not my main focus. Still continuing to help folks with their dogs along the way.

However, I always felt that my true calling was to work with animals full time in the capacity of intuitive training. I just wasn't sure what that would look like and I felt that my intuition was not strong enough yet.

The nudges became more frequent and then…

My first major nudge: my eight-year-old kitty was in poor health. Every night she would cry and, in response, I would cry. The vet said there was not much we could do; the “C” word was mentioned but I just zoned out at that point.

I made her as comfortable as I could, as I just could not put her down. I wasn’t ready for her to cross the rainbow bridge yet.

But it was a conversation I had with her one morning at 3 a.m. that shifted my perspective. I told her that she was going to have to let me know when she was ready to let me help her. And she did! She let me know soon after through her energy and body language. It was the hardest yet most rewarding “right of passage” experience I had ever had and I want that for every human who is on this journey with our fur babies; not only for that right of passage but for everything relating to your animals.

“When one door closes another opens.” - Alexander Graham Bell

The second and third nudges came within these last next two years.

Two of my pups had been through an advanced training program. One pup sent me a message loud and clear, she was in pain. I inquired how she was doing and I found out she had just been spayed. Then she made it clear that she wanted to come home. Timba is now one of my assistants. She is such a calming force for other dogs. Nothing phases her. Any pup I work with must be mentored by Timba.

My other pup tried communicating with her trainers but was unsuccessful because they weren't aware of animal communication. When I received her report card, I had to look at the name at the top because it just was not in her to fail - it was bad! I requested to re-adopt her if she did not make it through the program, a day later, she failed, and was ready to come home!

Unbeknownst to me, she was very sick when I picked her up. Through our human/animal connection, I was able to get her the veterinarian help she needed to heal and and become a happy, healthy pup again.

That journey we went of for three months showed me in no uncertain terms that this is my life's purpose.. to give a voice to those who don't have one. Nia quickly became my other assistant. Her gift in assisting me is more for me! She brings her happy, goofy, carefree demeanor every day to everything she does! She has yet to meet a stranger and freely gives lots of puppy kisses.

Now my focus is on training puppy dogs and helping humans embody their unique intuitive gifts so that they can have an incredible relationship with dogs. This often misunderstood relationship begins and ends with intuition.

I share these small bits of my journey because ultimately, I see every experience of mine as a service to you, your path so that it can launch you into the fulfillment of your own human/animal connection. After all, we’re on this journey together.

Mission Statement

My vision, my passion is to intuitively train dogs and awaken their humans so that they can have an unshakable bond together.

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