"Unlocking Your Dog's Full Potential Through Intuitive Coaching"

Experience the Transformational Power of Tailored Training for a Harmonious Human - Dog Bond

Having a strong bond with your puppy dog is important!

This will make every behavior issue  shift quickly into the best possible outcome.

I have a very unique way of approaching behavioral issues through my intuitive dog training.

This helps bring harmony into your home, so you end up with a very special bond. 


Life is too precious to tolerate bad behavior in a dog

A dog acting up is frustrating. There is hope.
I can help you create a lifelong bond from both ends of the leash.

Boundaries or lack of...

Is your dog in your face? Follows you where ever you go,

even to the bathroom?

Some snuggles and "following" is fine. 

The ones that are not, I can fix!

Furniture off limits?

Knowing intuitively why

a puppy dog misbehaves

is the first step.

Learning consistency with

what is allowed and what is not.

I can help you with that!

The Value In The Training

The work pays massive dividends

when you and your dog

co-exist in harmony

because of the training

I do for you and your 

puppy dog.

"An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language."

– Martin Buber

What My Clients Are Saying


Having several fur babies in my house now

Meg Driscoll

"I can't recommend Patty enough! After doing my sessions with her I became really clear on the areas where we needed support. Having several fur babies in my house, we had issues come up. She's totally helped us sort these out and our bond is now even stronger than it was before working with her. Indie, Ivy and Thor all thank you SO much!!"


I have a better relationship with my puppy

Dave Lafferty

"The biggest takeaway from my chat with Patty isn’t just that I have a better relationship with my puppy. We’re both learning and developing with each other and I’m practicing how to be more intuitive just like Cookie so that we stay tuned in with each other and better decisions can be made. I feel like I will have a healthy loving relationship with Cookie and I’m now teaching my kids to behave the same way I do so that they can have more fun with her and grow into great puppy and adult dog owners in the future."


We 100% recommend Patty and we look forward to learning more from her!

Jaz & Jess

"After just one chat with Patty we learned so much about how to be more in tune with our new puppy! The training that she suggested has worked wonders so far. We 100% recommend Patty and we look forward to learning more from her!"


With Patty's training we have now conquered their attention.

Bev & Ed Hutton

"We can't thank you enough for the help you have given us over the years to build the special relationships we have with our two dogs. There is a 5 year age gap between them, along with being different breeds/personalities. To get them to concentrate on training together, at the same time, was a challenge. With Patty's training we have now conquered their attention. It doesn't happen overnight but the dogs were keen to learn and please."


Patty has been BRILLIANT in helping Beau and I on this human/dog relationship journey!

Jay Kubassek

"As humans, we tend to project our logical and reasoning onto our dogs; especially when they’re “misbehaving”. Patty has been brilliant at helping me understand the underlying psychology behind the behavior of my rambunctious one-year-old miniature golden doodle, Beau. I highly recommend her services!"